Free Social Networking Web Sites

Use extreme caution when participating in free social networking web sites. Understand going in that you have no control over the security of the content you post, no control over the content others post about you, no voice in how long your content remains in storage after you think you’ve deleted it, and you will at some point interact with users who claim to be someone they are not for either illegal or just irritating purposes.

In an environment such as this, refrain from posting photos or information about anyone other than yourself unless you have the consent of all pictured parties to do so (this is a standard practice that should be followed in secure and unsecure environments at all times).

Nothing is free. If you participate in a social networking site “for free”, know that they are able to stay in business and offer their service due to money they make from various strategies including the data they have collected from you.

There is one extremely beneficial side to social networking web sites: they enable you to connect with wonderful human beings all over the world and for this I will always assume the risk:)

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