Laser Detection Tracking Drones

In the few minutes before slipping into sweet slumber last night, I thought about lasers and the issues they are creating for pilots.  I didn’t realize this minor thought passing through my mind would have such a profound impact on my dream state but it certainly provided a landscape for the most ridiculous dream.

From ridiculous dreams may come miraculous things so I am posting my dream here in the hopes that some laser-braniac out there can create this fancy little device to catch mad laser criminals:

[opening scene]: From a high-altitude position, I am looking down at a runway, watching a 747 begin its decent in darkness.  The plane glows green and red like a Christmas ornament as billions of lasers deflect of its every surface from millions of different points within the region.

[scene II]:  From a ground position, several hundred feet away, I am watching the belly of the fuselage as the plane begins to touch down.  The belly of the fuselage is black until the landing gear makes contact with the runway.  It is at that point that billions of black barnacle-looking objects flee from the belly of the fuselage.

[scene III]:  The black barnacle-looking objects take purposeful flight, they are laser detection tracking drones (LDTD), each the size of a half dollar.  The six-legged creatures whiz by my face on a mission.

[scene IV]:  Each laser detection tracking drone (LDTD) quickly finds its prey and clamps itself to the nose of the source of the laser emission by embedding its six (barbed) legs into the flesh of the perp.

[scene V]:  Johnny law turns on his GPS Tracking of Laser Detection Tracking Drones (GPSTLDTD) software to determine exact location and sends out his troops to pick up each one, they are each found writhing in pain and screaming – trying to get the huge LDTD off of their face.

The attaching of the LDTD to flesh is a little drastic.  In reality, I would prefer the LDTD be smart enough to detect fabric and attach itself to clothing instead.  But oh how those criminals are clever, this strategy would just inevitably lead to criminals doing the laser thing in the buff:)

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