Digital Frame Joy

The digital frame, pre-filled with photos, is a staple for me during the holidays. I have family and friends living all over the country and a digital frame is a perfect way to share photos with them without the prying eyes of social media. The digital frame is also an ideal gift for those with limited mobility.

The digital frame presents challenges to recipients who do not understand how to add new photos to the digital frame. In cases like this I make sure I purchase digital frames that can read USB Flash Drives. This allows me to add new photos to the drive when I visit, mail new thumb drives to them throughout the year, or purchase pre-filled thumb drives from artists where the topics of the photos are something my loved ones will enjoy.

As an artist myself, I create pre-filled thumb drives like this for some of my favorite topics for my family as well as the public. My latest is comprised of my flower photography done in The Netherlands and United States over the last few years:

If you are an artist who sells collections of your work on thumb drives, send me you link and I will add it to this article. This truly is an outstanding gift for friends and family that miss you and especially a blessing for family members that are not able to get out and enjoy life as much as they used to.

Merry Tweeting

I had a pretty sweet dream last night. I only remember a tiny bit of it but what I do remember is something I hope will happen someday if a random fabulous person out there decides to give me a hotel for my birthday and Twitter agrees to my unusual request.

Here is the low down on the dream:

It is night and very cold. I own a big beautiful Christmas hotel. Each night Twitter projects a massive live feed of Christmas-related tweets down the side of the building that faces town. They only project the actual tweets in a pretty cursive font and leave off everyone’s names/photos. Then it starts to snow.

There you have it folks, you know what you have to do.  I want this in place by next Friday! Move! Move!

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