Update your smart TV. Fear not, it will never be as smart as you;)

Is your computer connected to a smart TV? If so, the following information will give you a good idea of how to update your smart TV.

What is a smart TV? A smart TV can access WiFi and run applications just like a smartphone (unlike a regular TV or computer monitor).

A smart TV, just like a computer or a smartphone, requires periodic maintenance in the form of “updates” from the manufacturer for security and performance enhancements. This is an example of how to update smart TVs:

  • Using the remote control that came with the smart TV, select a settings button. Most settings buttons look like a small gear to activate the settings menu.
  • Navigate through these settings menus to find the network options (all smart TVs are different so navigating through the menus to become familiar with them is the best approach if you do not have documentation handy). In the network options there will be features allowing you to connect to a network (it doesn’t matter if your computer that is connected to the smart TV is connected to a network or not, the smart TV is a separate entity and will not use the network connection of your computer – the smart TV needs its own network connection to receive updates). The screen will tell you if you are connected to a network or not. If you are not, then attempt to connect to WiFi, if this does not work then plug a network cable into the back of the smart TV and plug the other end of the network cable into a network port in the wall of your home if you have one or a network port on your wireless router.
  • Using the remote that came with the smart TV, select the settings button again if you do not already see options on the screen for updating the smart TV. Most settings buttons look like a small gear. Click on the setting to download updates to the smart TV. Wait for the download to complete (a message will appear on the screen telling you the updates are complete, depending on the frequency of the updates in the past, the updates can take a few minutes or up to an hour to complete).
  • Once the updates are download, turn the smart TV off, wait a few seconds and turn the smart TV back on for the updates to take effect.
  • Disconnect the smart TV from the wireless network (by using the smart TV remote > settings) or the hard-wired network (removing the network cable from the back of the smart TV and from the network port in the wall of your home or from the network port on the back of your wireless router).
  • Many smart TVs will also read updates from a thumb drive that is connected to the back of the smart TV, this is an often problematic approach for updating some smart TVs due to the number of steps involved (users have to visit the manufacturer web site, download the updates to the thumb drive while the thumb drive is connected to the computer then remove the thumb drive from the computer and place the thumb drive into the back of the smart TV and the smart TV may or may not be able to read the files on the thumb drive or may or may not be able to even recognize the thumb drive).

Our “healthy” elderberry syrup contains heavy metals – really – just like most things that are not “healthy”.

Do you think “healthy” or “well” or “organic” labels on your food equate to extra special goodness? Sometimes it does and sometimes it does not.  Science can help you answer questions regarding the safety of food items within your home if you ever suspect a problem.

I was given a bottle of elderberry syrup, it came in a clear glass jar with a metal lid.  It had one label: a large oval label on the front.  The label looked like something someone printed from a home computer and the manufacturer information was not on the label so there was no way to tell who made the product, what the expiration date was or where it came from.  The label gave the user the impression of health.  Wellness words like “prevent cold/flu, well, purified …” were all over the label.  The label instructed users to consume one tablespoon every few hours at the onset of the cold or flu or one tablespoon a day to prevent the cold or flu.

A few weeks ago I sent a sample of this elderberry syrup to a food testing lab.  When the lab results for the elderberry syrup arrived, the findings surprised me.  The elderberry syrup contained small levels of mercury, arsenic, lead and cadmium.

Pollution and natural occurrences of elements are our reality and several of the foods we consume contain heavy metals, but I find it extremely irresponsible to market something as healthy when the product contains heavy metals.  If a manufacturer makes a food product then it is his or her responsibility to get the food tested.  If the food tests positive for heavy metals (even if the levels are within the range deemed acceptable by the FDA) then it is not appropriate to market the food item as something special in terms of promoting health.

Beware of “healthy” foods in your home.  Know that if you have concerns about food items, food testing labs can provide you with details of what is in the sample and then organizations like the FDA can provide you with details on what levels are acceptable.

I need a legion of self-driving remote-controlled electric scooters – by Halloween please.

Strange dream a few nights back. I love it when I remember the strange ones! I only remember this little bit I’m afraid but it is enough to go on:

I controlled a legion of self-driving remote-controlled electric scooters. Each scooter had a big stuffed bunny tethered to the scooter. I was directing the scooters down residential streets at a very slow rate of speed at dusk. General hysteria from the ‘burbs was unfolding as a result.

The only “remote control” scooters I have found are ones you can disable and more unhelpful things via a smartphone – this isn’t what I am looking for. So if you have a huge stack of cash and some time on your hands, make this happen please. We all want to scare the daylights out of kids and give them boatloads of candy on Halloween, get moving!

One more thing, I am so poor I can’t even pay attention so there would be absolutely no benefit to you for doing all of this hard work other than being hailed as the King of SDRCES by me…and maybe my cat.

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