Google Ads = Descent into mind-numbing world of no answers

I had the strangest experience with Google Ads.  Interacting with this system and customer service required so much of my attention that I unfortunately had to wash my hands of the entire project and just walk away.

The problems started a few hours after creating a very simple ad for a pet calendar.  The entire ordeal went like this:

  1. The ad I created was short and to the point. I mentioned the price in the ad, included a picture of one of the pets and a brief description of the calendar along with the link to buy the calendar.
  2. The interface showed the ad had been approved after a few hours.
  3. But then the interface changed its mind a few hours later and rejected the ad so I proceeded to read the fine print for ads thinking maybe they had an unusual policy where they ban all cute kittens or bunnies.
  4. I found nothing unusual in the documentation. I also found nothing that gave me a clue as to why the ad was rejected.  So, I reworded the ad just in case the phrase “wall calendar” means something naughty in another language.   I submitted the ad again.
  5. No luck. The ad was rejected again several hours later.
  6. I reworded the ad again and submitted the ad again.
  7. No luck. The ad was rejected again several hours later.
  8. I called customer service by phone. They assigned the ticket to someone and said they would get back to me.  They could not tell me why the ad was rejected.  The customer service employees were very nice.
  9. I received an email from customer service informing me that my ad had been approved.
  10. Nope. The interface showed it had been rejected.
  11. I reworded the ad again and submitted the ad again.
  12. No luck. The ad was rejected again several hours later.
  13. I contacted customer service by email informing them of the problem.
  14. I received an email from customer service informing me that my ad had been approved.
  15. Nope. The interface showed it had been rejected.
  16. Customer service emailed me back saying it was rejected because I keep changing the ad and it must go through the approval process each time it is changed (hmmm….even if this is true, this in no way answers the question as to why this simple ad is rejected repeatedly).
  17. With no patience left, I deleted the ad and have abandoned use of this system.

Life is good again.

If you feel you must try using this system, then I recommend only submitting your ad once.  If your ad is rejected, then just walk away.  If you do not walk away at this point, then you will spend a great deal of time going in circles with people and reading documentation where, in the end, may offer up no clear solution.

When faced with endless exchanges of nothingness with other humans or automated systems, there is a chance of one’s own head popping off (or at least blood pressure rising) so proceed with caution.


Dealing with the IPERCTV disorder during the holidays – remote control mayhem

The holidays are going to be here before you know it and that means many of you are going to have a house full of relatives.  This quick post will help you prepare for the impending onslaught of freakish family behavior regarding electronics.

Most of my relatives are afflicted with a very strange disorder.  The “I must point every remote control at the TV and see what happens” disorder (also known as IPERCTV).  The scene usually unfolds at dawn.  One early riser must immediately know the weather conditions of all cities in the world via the gorgeous people on The Weather Channel.  Since no one else is up, and since the guest is incapable of complex thought at such an early hour, he or she proceeds to pick up all 37 remote controls lying around the house to try them out.  The behavior with each remote control is the same:  point the remote control at the TV, press every button on the remote control, move on to the next remote control and repeat.

It does not matter that the remote control says “General Motors” on it, clearly indicating that it is in fact a key fob for the car in the driveway, the guest is going to point it at the TV and click every button on it anyway.  One of these button presses inevitably sets off the car alarm of the car in the driveway and wakes up everyone in the house.  The rest of the family comes downstairs to investigate the alarm.  It is at this point that the guest quickly demands someone turn on the TV for the latest weather report.

For the next two hours the host attempts to sync back up the 985 audio and visual systems to the one remote control that they all used to successfully communicate with.  During the first hour and a half of troubleshooting, there is a tremendous amount of cussing.  The final thirty minutes is dedicated to testing, lecturing guests on remembering to use only one remote control and drinking beer for breakfast to deal with the stress.

To save your sanity, lock your extraneous remote controls away NOW.  Do not wait until your guests are in your living room.  To make for an even smoother visit, put a piece of paper next to the TV remote control that shows guests what buttons to push.

Good luck.

I love foreign magazines and now I have easy access to them!

Prior to the eBook explosion on our planet, I gave little attention to foreign magazines because they were often extremely expensive due to shipping costs and delivery time was delayed as well.

I am very happy to see so many magazines from faraway lands are now available to me electronically! Do not think you have to have a special device (other than a regular computer or a regular smart phone or tablet) to read these magazines.  If you have a computer, smart phone, or tablet, then you can download Kindle software directly to your device so you may begin reading these magazines immediately!

This is the location to download the necessary Kindle software:

Once you have the software downloaded then go on a fantastic shopping adventure on for all the fabulous magazines you never had easy and timely access to before!  Here are just a few to get started (you would use the “Deliver to Kindle” during checkout – it is the option over on the right):

NOTE:  If you find a magazine that does not have the “Deliver to Kindle” option listed on the right, then the magazine is not yet available electronically.

To find more foreign magazines on, here is one way to find them quickly:

There are several methods of reading eBooks besides using Kindle software, I outline more here:

Best Tech Dream Ever

Holy schnikes! I had the best tech dream ever last night:)

The horror of forgetting every single password for every single web site, mobile app, desktop app, database, server, work door code, house door code, safe, car door code finally came to fruition in a stress filled dream of too much work and too little time.

When I realize my brain no longer contained all password data for all of my things in my life requiring passwords, I was so stressed about it that I was truly unable to react in any way and then suddenly this lovely wave of calm came over me and I accepted the moment.  I decided I would not pursue recovery in any way, I would just walk away from all that was password protected and start anew.

I woke up pretty happy at the tranquility of it all but also at the sheer absurdity of me in any dimension accepting loss of data – never!

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