Email Signature Quotes: unleash the hounds of mockery

Here is an example of an email signature quote:

John Doe
Vice President of Marketing, ABC Corporation
mobile: 999-999-9999
desk:  999-999-9999
“Morality is the basis of things and truth is the substance of all morality.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Email signature quotes often include some type of idealistic or moralistic message.  These messages will often receive a very warm reception when they are delivered by those who are globally held in high regard due to their lifetime contributions to society but when they are delivered by a person who does not meet this criteria the tone of the entire email changes.

Take John Doe for instance.  If John is known for gossiping about others or berating employees who take a lunch break then quoting Gandhi in his email signature is probably going to unleash some serious mockery.

Proceed with caution.



Thank you for your consistent overuse in the workplace.  Side effects of no pharmaceutical drugs in our solar system can compare to the thick atmosphere of confusion you create on a daily basis.

I particularly enjoy pausing at various points throughout my workday to reference copious amounts of old documentation in a futile attempt to find your true meaning.

Please keep up the good work.  Continue to blanket my world in meaningless character combinations until one day I snap and speak only in numbers for the remainder of my days.





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