A few things this IT gal learned in 2016

Reflecting back on a year can be disturbing, I try not to do it because it usually dampens my spirit for a hopeful new year.  But a few things happened this year that warrant documenting for future alien races who may eventually invade our planet and quickly deplete our precious supply of Brussels sprouts, they are as follows:

Smart humans are still falling for email trickery.  You received an email from a well-known company like UPS but the return address ends in something like .bo.net.zipperola.magnifique? And it says they have a really important package to deliver to you? AND they’ve attached a zip file to the email?  Just delete it and get on with life and find comfort in the knowledge that one day the true instigators of such shenanigans will ultimately end up in a massive volcanic-like pit drowning in their own liquified lies.

There are humans with eyesight that really do steal from humans with no eyesight.  I had seen this horrid behavior play out in movies and I read about it in biographies of blind humans but on some level I just didn’t believe it could actually happen.  Unfortunately it does happen.  I witnessed it for myself in a little café this year.  A well-dressed woman snuck in, looked at the blind employee, snatched a soda and snuck out.  “Sticky fingers” was so focused on the blind employee that she never saw me standing in the middle of the isle watching, in complete shock, her misdeed.

Social media and online comments regarding news articles can sometimes paint a disturbing view of society due to some participants being whackadoodles and at the same time incorrectly assuming they are hiding under a velvety warm cloak of anonymity.  I tried Facebook for a portion of the year, it was a delight but it took up too much of my time and so many folks were posting lengthy tirades that I found negative, draining and unproductive because they often didn’t include possible solutions, just many complaints about various things.  I also tried Twitter this year, this one may be a keeper for me:  I can deal with it in under 15 minutes each day, it is easy to hide useless information and I can swap treasure hunting stories with a cool old dude who is a total stranger in Australia at 2am if I want to – seriously fantastic.

I want a self-driving car.  I doubt I will ever trust it but it would be off-the-charts sweet to knit an entire blanket on a long drive to Ohio (if car sickness doesn’t kill me before I get there).

People have asked to have meetings with me in preparation for another meeting with me.  Oh dear.  This one is so odd I don’t know how to deal with it.

I will never run for political office….of any kind….for any reason…ever….ever…ever….holy moly.

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