Technology Dreaming: Singing to the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

I do not sing.  I somehow just know that, if I ever attempted such a thing, a horrid aftermath of: babies crying, adults screaming while holding their ears, buildings crumbling, ground shaking and meteor strikes would ensue.  I am so confident of this in fact that I do not even try to sing when I am alone, at night, driving in my car.  It is too dangerous.  I know the sound that would emanate from my mouth would be bad enough to destroy the universe as we know it.

Walking around without the gift of song, for me, is OK.  I’ve never had a desire to sing so the world has been perfectly safe and I have been quite happy listening to others sing.  All of this changed however a few years ago when I was in New York City with my husband.  He had purchased the best Christmas gift for me:  a ticket for an afternoon of ice skating at Rockefeller Center with a small group of other skaters and Kristi Yamaguchi.  The ice skating event in itself was an unforgettable treat.  But the icing on the cake was seeing the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, in person, for the first time.  WOW!  I saw it at night and I remember laughing to myself because for some reason my first impulse was to sing – definitely a feeling I had never had before.  Luckily for the universe, I did not sing.  But I do hope the powers that be at Rockefeller Center will place a live microphone near the tree this year for anyone that happens by and has the same powerful impulse to sing that I had.

Granted, this “technology dreaming idea” comes with substantial risk of one or more of the following occurring:

  • The microphone and all other necessary equipment are stolen and pawned within the first 20 minutes by a moody tall man wearing no shirt.
  • An over-the-top political activist hogs the microphone all day long so he or she can scream about all of the injustices of the world.
  • Someone who sings so badly that the sound halts traffic and causes car horns to stop functioning steps up to the microphone and belts out 49 songs before someone wearing earplugs is finally able to take them down with a potato sack over the head and a tackle.
  • An angry city puppy gnaws through the electronics, leaving frayed wires dangling in puddles of freshly melted snow for unsuspecting participants to get the shock of a lifetime.

I think the risk is worth it for those few who will show up and sing something that is as beautiful as the tree:)

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