Linux Server Freakout Day (aka Friday)

It is a seemingly normal Friday morning and, like any other morning, from your Windows pc, you attempt a Putty session into a Linux backup server to check the status of your backup tapes in NetBackup.

You enter your login information successfully then something quite sinister occurs.  You enter the command to get NetBackup going and instead of NetBackup opening you instead see this message: “Missing MAX_MEMORY parameter X connection to localhost broken (explicit kill or server shutdown).”

Say whaaaaa?!

Before you freak out, race to the server room for visual checks of the server, and tear up over your life flashing before your eyes, do the following:

  1. Watch this Hamster Meditation video, it will calm you down: – it is one minute and 20 seconds of pure tech Zen
  2. Close your Putty session.
  3. Exit Xming (aha! Xming wasn’t even running was it? The error listed above will always occur if you forget to start Xming before you begin your Putty session).
  4. Start Xming.
  5. Start your Putty session and try again.

I hope this helps:)  If not, check out  – they are the Mack Daddy of sweet documentation.


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