Gadgets: Wildlife Cameras are a riot! Buy one today.

Have you ever wondered what is creeping around your yard while you sleep? Yes, maybe it is best we do not know.  BUT, some of the things creeping around are seriously cute little critters.  I encourage you to invest in a wildlife camera, they are so much fun.

A wildlife camera is a small camera that is weatherproof.  It resides on the outside of the home tied to a tree or just sitting on the ground.  The camera is motion-activated and has infrared capabilities so it is capable of taking photos and video at night as well as during the day.  You are going to capture a lot of entertaining photos of critters passing through your yard late at night but the camera may also be used as a rudimentary external home security feature as well.  Here are a few details on how the whole process works for many wildlife camera models:

  1. Buy a wildlife camera.
  2. Buy an SD card (this is what the camera stores the photos and videos on).
  3. Buy batteries (rechargeable if possible).
  4. If your computer doesn’t have one built in, buy an SD card reader, put the SD card from the camera into the SD card reader, then plug the SD card reader into your computer to view the photos and videos from the camera).

Here are few tips if you decide to purchase a wildlife camera:

  • Do not use the camera during extreme temperatures, just turn it off and bring it inside to extend the life of the camera.
  • Turn the camera off during periods of high wind and rain or you will end up with 20,000 photos of leaves moving.
  • Animals find wildlife cameras very interesting; they will crawl on them, taste them, and hug them so make sure the camera is fastened securely to something to avoid damage to the camera and injury to wildlife.
  • Respect the privacy of others by keeping the camera on your property, keep it outside and avoid aiming the camera in areas where it will pick up activity outside of your property.  Position the camera about 4 or 5 feet off the ground and angle it down towards the ground so it will pick up wildlife activity and nothing else.

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