The car horn: safety feature or fog horn of madness?

The car horn is an odd invention.  Upon initial inspection one would think it is a beneficial safety feature.  However, when I witness its use in the wild I am more apt to believe it is a tool used to intentionally incite instant rage during seemingly normal circumstances instead of a tool for warning innocents of sudden and impending doom.

Take for instance this morning.  I was at a very busy intersection in Raleigh.  The vehicle in front of me was waiting to pull out into traffic.  The amount of traffic coming our way was an obvious visual clue to anyone capable of complex thought that we would be waiting for a few minutes.  However, the large truck behind me somehow did not comprehend this visual clue.  Instead of waiting, the truck driver chose to wait and repeatedly blow his or her horn.  Is this driver somehow under the impression that his or her car horn has magical powers capable of actually altering the flow of traffic from a distance of three car lengths?  If so, that is a wildly inaccurate belief.

I am being too hasty, the truck driver probably understood that we were in the path of a meteor hurtling through space and impact was inevitable within the next 47 seconds.  What an awesome person to try to save our lives like that.


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