Odd phone communication – does this mean the aliens are coming? Maybe…

  1. You call someone. Their phone has caller id so they know it is you that is calling.
  2. The person you’re calling answers the phone.
  3. You say “Hi.”
  4. They say “Hi, I am so sorry, I am in the middle of something, can I call you right back?”
  5. Several minutes later the person calls you back.

Why would someone waste time answering a phone only to tell the caller that they cannot talk at the moment? I find this behavior so odd.  It wastes the time of the caller and of person receiving the call.  Why not just let the phone ring? A phone ringing sounds kind of nice. Just let it sing, let it be the bird it wants to be.

Maybe this behavior is the first subtle symptom of a future hostile alien takeover.  The aliens are forcing tiny, irritating behaviors into our subconscious with the intent of slowly driving ourselves bananas thus turning us into an easier takeover target.  Oh dear, I’m sure that’s it.  Gotta go, my phone is ringing, I am going to answer it and tell the caller that I am not here right now:)


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