Power door locks, are they the devil? No, well, maybe, but only if…

Automobiles are one of the best inventions EVER!  Automobiles represent complete freedom to me and I will enjoy every second of driving them.  The technology surrounding these fabulous contraptions has become increasingly complex over the years and I am hoping the designers of automobiles with consider rolling back the clock on a few features for a little peace of mind.

I never paid much attention to the newer more complicated features of automobiles until I was recently locked inside my car when the battery failed.  I was unable to get out of the car because the power door locks had no power to function from the battery and neither did the power windows.  The car was locked, the windows were up and neither feature has a manual override (a special switch on the floor, a lever to manually push up or down or a handle to crank, etc.).

It was during the wait for the tow truck that I began to question why someone would build an automobile that could trap someone inside just because of a simple battery failure.   I was at the grocery store for Pete’s sake, it would be a little over the top to have to kick the windshield out in order to get out of the car.  Luckily I wasn’t trapped inside for long but it is a period of time I will never forget.

What happened to my car to create such a strange situation? One of the leads going to the battery split at some point and while I was in the grocery store there was a downpour, rain got into the lead and the car could not recover on its own.  Arm chair road warriors will simple suggest having routine maintenance done on the vehicle to prevent this type of situation from arising.  However, routine maintenance is something we already do and the crack in the lead was not discovered before this situation occurred.

Until more options are available from factory, if you have a vehicle with no manual power lock overrides and no manual power window overrides, please purchase a car hammer and keep it in the center console of your vehicle.  It is critical you have a quick means of escape in emergency situations and a car hammer may help, they are also reasonably priced.


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