2 comments on “Avoid relying on one IT person in medium to large organizations; this is an extremely inefficient method of obtaining IT assistance

  1. There is no mystery – if IT organizations were generally efficient in solving problems then people would not need to reach out to a specific or “favorite” person. Hire qualified people – and if you are having problems doing that then you aren’t paying well enough or your shop has a developed a reputation for undervaluing functional employees. I’m currently consulting for a large university IT group that has both problems. The management structure is bloated and salaries on the top end are very high whereas the helpdesk staff are poorly paid and burned out. Worse they are seen as “consumables” (in the words of the CIO) which further devalues those who actually have technical skills. Yet the CIO wonders why he can’t attract solid talent. While not every shop is like this many exhibit these characteristics yet complain about “users” wanting to contact specific individuals. The problem is with the IT groups NOT the users.

    • When users call a “favorite” IT person and blatantly admits they are calling because it is easier since they already know the “favorite” IT person, it is clear the user would prefer to operate under their own set of rules. This user behavior does not surface because IT is lacking in some way. A person has the choice every day to show up for work and build something great based on the goals of that organization or a person can make up their own rules. Either method has serious advantages and disadvantages.

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