As an IT employee, I used to sit for long periods of time each day. This physical inactivity, as well as various levels of stress each day, seriously impacted the way I felt every day. If you find yourself spiraling down into the pit of foggy slothdom, then these suggestions may help you, they certainly helped me!

Get a stand up workstation. Can’t afford one? Don’t worry; there are plenty of free alternatives like placing your laptop on top of a sturdy box on your desk, or making a point to always take phone calls/meetings standing up, or always reading documentation standing up.

Take a lunch break, even if you are a complete introvert or you are unable to leave your office for lunch because your office is surrounded by Bengal tigers. During your lunch break, try to participate in something you enjoy like reading, playing chess, prank calling a nemesis, or knitting (all of which should be done standing up).

Remind yourself each day that the elevator is a mechanical marvel that may malfunction and leave you trapped in a box with a potential freak and no TV, bathroom or ice cream. This thought alone will compel you to take the stairs as much as possible.

Avoid complaining about an issue when you do not have anything useful to contribute as a possible solution to the issue. Mindless complaining will only land you a desk job in a smelly rat-infested basement with no windows.


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