Does your computer or mobile device make you feel dumb? Shake it off! You are not dumb!

Over the years I have heard so many clients refer to themselves as dumb in one way or another because they do not know how to do something on their computer or mobile device and, as a result, they perceive IT as being so much more intelligent than themselves because IT knows how to do whatever it is that they do not know how to do.

When I hear clients talk like this, I immediately remind them that if I were put in their shoes to do their job, like finance, I would fail miserably because I know nothing about finance. I know what I am doing in regards to computers because that is my job, that is what I went to school for and that is what I practice every day. And they will become more comfortable with computers and mobile devices over time.

Disturbingly, there are some clients who feel this way because IT staff they have worked with in the past have gone out of their way to make them feel dumb for not knowing how to do things in regards to computers or mobile devices. It is unfortunate, but there are people out there like this in all types of jobs. If you ever encounter one, try your best to be the professional that you are and know that people like this will never succeed in life. Their journey will be a constant battle against themselves in the nasty soup of egotism and tantrums.

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